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Post Summary: How to beat the Instagram algorithm in and tips I used to get over , followers! This 5-day challenge is deed to walk you through best practices for creating Instagram Reels that will start getting you new followers a week. up using the link below.

In , I decided to jump into the platform in full force and become a freelance photographer. Instagram would be my primary source of traffic and business. But we can do this! It is still possible to beat the Instagram algorithm. Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of every purchase, at no cost to you. With the addition of Instagram stories, insights, and more, figuring out how to beat the Instagram algorithm year to year can be time-consuming!

And now Instagram is hidding likes. What metrics do we even use to measure out success when trying to beat the Instagram algorithm? So what will the Instagram algorithm have in store? Those actions determine the order of your newsfeed. This Instagram algorithm feature also determines what type of content you will see in the future. What does that mean? Also, not replying to comments and DMs can be a huge bummer for your audience! Show them you care. Instagram wants to show its followers the latest and greatest, which means time is a factor you must always consider! I suggest having an Instagram business , so you can keep up with analytics that may factor into the Instagram Algorithm.

Keeping up with analytics will also help you measure other important metrics for beating the Instagram algorithm. The more time you spend on the Instagram app, the more likely Instagram is going to show you fresh content.

The same goes for your followers! Again, the Instagram algorithm wants you to see the fresh stuff. Instagram users who check the app less often will most likely be shown popular content — like highlights from the day. I have first hand experience with this. Okay, so when it comes to your newsfeed, it looks like there are four main points the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration. These points can be put into two . The Instagram algorithm in works by showing users the content they are likely to engage with. If you scroll down your feed long enough, you will see posts from most s you follow.

So how do we engage enough to beat the Instagram algorithm in ? Instagram is a social platform that makes money from . The easiest way for your followers to see company is to keep your followers on the app longer. That means that the more time you keep your followers on the app, the more the Instagram algorithm will favor you.

The items listed below should happen every day if you want to beat the Instagram algorithm! I have used these same techniques to grow my . I break these things down in the next section. If you want the best chance at growing your and beating the Instagram algorithm, you need to post to Instagram every day!

Consistency gives your followers something to look forward to. Posting a photo to your newsfeed is probably the easiest way to keep your profile fresh. Taking a new photo is as simple as pulling out your iPhone to capture a moment! At the end of this blog, I have included a list of the photography gear I use to create the best imagery, so be sure to check that out. You can certainly beat the Instagram algorithm by reposting older images. For followers always checking the app, this is a great way to establish a connection with them.

If posting daily is too much for you, find a posting schedule that works and stick to it! Be consistent! Figure out a schedule that works for you. I recommend at least posting a photo 3 days a week! How do Reels keep users engaged? Videos in general are great for storytelling, and get more in-depth with the moment s you are trying to showcase to your audience. I recommend posting Reels at least 3 times a week! Some of my top-performing video posts have been a simple panning iPhone video I took of the mountain-scape I was admiring at the moment.

With the creation of Instagram Reels, posting video is easier than ever! Not to mention, the Instagram algorithm loves to reward users who use their latest features. Not sure how to use Reels to beat the Instagram algorithm? Lucky you I have this 5-day Reels challenge! Deed to get you new followers in a week using Reels. Reply to those DMs, people. And did you know that you can now reply to your DMs on your desktop? You can about that here. Replying to DMs is a great way to establish trust with followers and beat the algorithm.

You should want to establish meaningful connections with your followers. Better yet, send a voice memo! See above. If we want to beat the Instagram algorithm, we need to engage! Your followers want to interact with you. You need to treat your followers like people and make sure you take the time to reply to them! Engaging is key to beating the Instagram algorithm in ! I do think a color graded feed helps with engagement.

You want your followers to recognize your work and love it! New followers want to go onto your feed, like multiple images, and scroll forever. I like using apps like UNUM to plan my feed and match colors. Color grading your feed is also an excellent way to sell presets, prints, or anything of the like if you eventually want to not only beat the Instagram algorithm but make money from it too!

Engaging with your followers is equally as important as engaging with those you follow. Keep up to date with the profiles that matter the most you and turn on post notifications! Since the Instagram algorithm makes it hard to see new posts from those you follow, the best way to build community and keep engaging is to have notifications on.

How do I get my audience to spend more time on the app? How do I create engaging content my audience will love? No one is saying you have to be a videographer to work in favor of the Instagram algorithm, but creating simple Reels is an easy way to incorporate more video into your feed and beat the Instagram algorithm. A Reel can be as simple as an iPhone clip from your travels or a compilation of videos!

And more relatable content means more engagement, which means you can beat the Instagram algorithm. Plus, people spend more time watching videos than they do looking at pretty pictures. Deed to get you new followers in a week! Post multiple stories in increments throughout the day. I would recommend sticking to 10 story slides a day.

For more tips on beating the Instagram algorithm and getting more story views, read my blog here. Instagram stories help you tell a more complete story to your audience. They can watch you go to your fav cafe and sample coffee, then maybe take a poll on what pastry you should get. In other words, stories are fun get your audience hooked on your content for more extended periods of time! Similar to years, adding hashtags to your posts is still a must. I recommend you use up the full 30 hashtags. I, for one, place them in the comments.

And now you can follow hashtags! That way, you know what content is performing the best and beating the Instagram algorithm.

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