Dominant women seeking slaves

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Copy link to share with friends. Because being hunted goes both ways. Fifteen men stagger through the English countryside, naked apart from their shoes, paintball masks and groin guards. Their thighs are scraped and bruised from falling, their bottoms striped in red.

When a whip cracks behind the men, one of them stumbles and falls. Dominatrix Mistress Medulla stands above her capture. At first he cowers, and then he submissively nods his head. He belongs to her for the rest of the weekend to trample, whip, gag and abuse as she likes — or at least up to the hard limits written on his leather collar.

Human foxhunts are an esoteric fantasy, even for the sexually adventurous BDSM crowd. Many involve corseted dominatrices chasing their prey through woodlands, their submissive quarry eager to be caught. The stalking takes place across the world — recent hunts were held in England, Australia, Florida and California.

To the hunt, you must fill out an application, come with a recommendation and have an established presence in kink communities like Fetlife. For genuine submissives, working for it is part of the process. Slaves wear protective goggles, footwear — there are alligators in Florida — and a collar. Nothing else. And they follow strict rules. We keep them on point the whole weekend. The Order of Indomitus was founded in ; their hunts began in The order has so many applications that they limit the of participants on the receiving end.

Thomas, a year-old customer service rep from England, who asked that his last name not be used, is considering attending a hunt next year. He finds the idea very exciting — and the beauty of it is that any reservations he has about participating only add to his arousal. But here truth is stranger than fiction. In , a group of dominatrices banded together to establish a micronation in a remote part of the Czech Republic. It was a femdom utopia governed by latex goddesses.

Financial difficulties forced OWK to disband around , but millennial femdoms keep the beacon alight with modern-day hunts. The avatar-based world has lost followers since its launch, but BDSMers have found its manufactured spaces perfect for virtual slave hunting. The Dominion, Roawenwood and other groups run hunts where captured slaves submit to every whim of their mistresses.

There are enough of them that the blog Second Life Hunt was set up to chronicle the pursuits, the captures, the punishments. Source Courtesy of The Order of Indomitus. The Northern California—based dom is intrigued by the concept, but says it would be a challenge to do professionally — a responsible dominatrix needs to think about venue safety, permissions and medical facilities. Bay Area sexologist Dr. She thinks the sociopolitical implications — such as the African-American slave experience — deter many people. Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the organizer of the Order of Indomitus event.

It is Mistress Michelle Lacy. In addition, the earlier version of the article did not specify that participants in the event wear protective goggles as well as footwear and collars. Models for female humor about sex are limited, so finding one like Anna Biller is a special kind of magic. Those flying, fire-breathing mythical creatures are fanning the flames of desire, creating a global erotic cottage industry of dragon-themed sex toys.

Social spaces for kinksters aim to promote understanding and acceptance. Sex and power is an old story, but American politicians have pursued it — and a lot more — with their own distinct zeal. An archetypal Hollywood transformation tale — with drugs, nudity and lots of sex and drugs. In December , crime writer Agatha Christie engineered what remains her greatest mystery: her own unsolved disappearance.

The hook and bullet have made comebacks, but the outdoor sports — and their participants — have changed. It had to happen eventually. Facebook Twitter Love this? By Zara Stone. February 1, A Modern Media Company.

Dominant women seeking slaves

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