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All rights reserved. I'm cool with meeting them and I can walk out if I want, but he says that he and his friend have double penetrated girls before -- anal and vaginal sex at the same time -- and they would be interested in doing the same with me, if the mood is right. Both guys are cute and they seem sane both are lawyers visiting from out of town.

I've done a little internet research and from what I've seen on bullitin boards most girls that have tried it seem to really like it. I should add that I've done 2 MMF threesomes before and also had anal sex with 2 different guys as well. Just never combined the 2. So: Has anyone tried DP before? If so, did you like it? Any other advice you want to give me? Anal isn't really my thing, for two reasons.

I'm very tight in front. Anal sex would probably be quite painful. This probably won't matter to you as much, seeing as how you're 13 years old than me. But, hey! If you think you'll enjoy it, bring a bucket of condoms, and have fun!

KristinJ this may just be your thing or it may not. I love it but it will really give a full feeling. Well it does me anyhow. It seems to me it is a variable of how much anal space you have and how much vaginal space you have, combined with how large the guys are and how gentle they will treat you. Yes guys can be too large, at least for me. I love it and hope you will too.

Don't know about that, had a small butt plug in me while Hubby's taken good care of the rest of me, and that's kind of fun, but two guys with two different motions, etc? Sounds like if they get out of hand it could really hurt. Let us know how it goes! Guilty Nafisa. I love getting DP'd. It's probably the best, most intense orgasms I have. But it does take some practice and good timing. I don't do men any more, but I promise you, double penetration is delightful. I live with two boyfriends. What do you think? Definitely an orgasm producer either way for sure!

Beffer wrote: I live with two boyfriends. I think my mum was trying to tell me something Not a fan of anal sex. Yes, but it was a process. After a few tries with the right guy I came to like anal, gives me O's. So that eventually led to a 3some and with a bit of coordination to be worked out, it was quite the amazin experience. I have my pussy and mouth for pleasuring them. I love anal sex.

The one time I tried to have a 3 some it failed miserably. His friend came in drunk and while taking his pants off puked all over the place. I grabbed my clothes and left. Has anyone tried double penetration? Posted: Tuesday, August 2, PM. So I met this guy on-line today that wants me to meet him and his friend at their hotel bar tomorrow night.

Posted: Wednesday, August 3, AM. Love to hear how it went Kristinj? Posted: Wednesday, August 3, PM. Posted: Tuesday, August 9, PM. Ive tried it and loved it and continue to do it. Posted: Friday, December 20, AM. Posted: Friday, December 20, PM.

Posted: Saturday, December 21, AM. All my or so stories, listed by category. Why not have a browse through my back catalogue? I got a pack for Christmas last year. I could have sworn I'd put them in that drawer Or this one Anal is a pain in the arse. Much prefer a cock in my mouth as well as my cunt.

Posted: Saturday, December 21, PM. At the start one penis operator does all the motion. The other lies underneath and hugs on with the lady lets the moving man rock her pelvis. The alternate is the Both Men Sitting position. In this case she is responsible for stimulating motion until a group rhythm is gradually established. Don't forget us elders. Posted: Sunday, December 22, AM. A good place to get your post count up! You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

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Double anal 2019 forum

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