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The former KISS bassist is not shy when it comes to sharing details about his relationships with women. Here are the women who made Simmons the man he is today. From until Cher and Gene Simmons shared an open relationship. Once their relationship was over, Cher and Gene Simmons went their separate ways. Back when Ross and Simmons were an item, Simmons made an effort to never appear in public without his ature makeup.

So whenever he was photographed with his newest girlfriend, Simmons would cover the lower half of his face with a handkerchief. Despite the fact that Ross had gotten the wrong impression, the couple split up nevertheless. Luckily, all three members of the unique love triangle has stayed friends.

While it may remain unclear as to whether or not DeVasquez shared a romantic encounter with Gene Simmons, there have certainly been a fair share of rumors claiming that something went down between the two. DeVasquez has been married since September, Stowe was so close with the band that she even took part in a photoshoot with the band members for the cover of one of their disks. After working as an exotic dancer, Stowe developed some bad habits and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. In , her body was found after she was killed. Her murder remains unsolved. At one point, Tracy was actually married for a short period of time to the brother of Diana Ross, who Simmons himself dated for a bit in the early s.

Like her older sister, Tracy has pursued careers in both acting as well as modeling. The sisters were even featured together in the May edition of Playboy. Tracy Tweed is the youngest of children, with three brothers and three sisters. Liv Johanne Ullman is a famous Norwegian actress and director. In , she married a Boston real estate developer named Donald Saunders. The two have remained happily married to this day. Ullmann has done her best to keep her personal life private but overall seems to be doing quite well these days.

While her encounter with Simmons may have been short-lived, Hamzy takes pride in knowing she did her part to keep band morale at an all-time high. After having a go at a career in politics in , Hamzy never made it to the ballot.

Williams, had a lot in common with Gene Simmons. Both artists took part in controversial bands who pushed the boundaries when it came to live shows and visually shocking performances. Simmons not only dated Wendy O. Following her romantic stint with Simmons, Wendy O. Williams became romantically involved with her former manager, Rod Swenson. In , Williams decided to retire from music and moved to Storres, Connecticut with Swenson.

After years of struggling with mental health, and two suicide attempts, Williams took her own life in Flora Klein was a Hungarian Jew born in She survived the concentration camps during the Holocaust, even though most of her family was killed. After the war, Klein moved to Israel, where she married a carpenter named Feri Witz and gave birth to her son, Chaim who would later go by Eugene, or Gene for short.

After Feri abandoned his family, Flora moved to New York in , where she became determined to give Gene a life full of opportunities. Unlike many of his rockstar peers, Gene has never been involved in alcohol or illegal substance abuse thanks to the lessons he learned from his mother.

Flora also instilled in Gene a drive to succeed and always strive for more. Linda Johansen, a Norwegian businesswoman, was once a glamour model and is also among the nearly 5, women with whom Gene Simmons has claimed to have engaged in intimate encounters during his time as a bass player for KISS.

Johansen gave up modeling in the late s and opened up her own beauty salons: Beauty Lounge and Beauty Express. In the late s, Hahn was featured in Playboy on a of different occasions. Hahn also became known for her frequent visits to The Howard Stern Show throughout the late s and into the early s. Hahn is now married and residing near LA. Gene Simmons first met Liza Minnelli in the late s. Simmons served as her recording manager and helped her career tremendously when he introduced the young Minnelli to Walter Yetnikoff, who, at the time, ran CBS Records.

Together, Simmons and Minnelli worked to modernize her style of music. Rumors would later emerge that Simons and Minnelli may have been just a bit more than business partners and may have even engaged in an intimate encounter or two while working together. Since her time working with the KISS rock icon, Liza Minnelli herself became an icon and rose to fame in music, theater, film, and television.

Her first husband was Peter Allen, who would later come out of the closet. She then married Jack Haley Jr, and the couple stayed together for 5 years. Feri Witz passed away in Gene never met him in adulthood. In the episode, Gene shares his regret at never having come to Israel to meet his father before it was too late. Before her brief fling with rockstar Gene Simmons, Traci Anna Koval was simply a model and energy drink spokeswoman. As the lead singer of an incredibly famous rock band, Simmons was never known for his faithfulness.

While their romance was largely kept behind closed doors, Simmons certainly remembers all the fun times they shared with each other. The former Playmate of the Month has also been married twice, once to Jon Large, and once to Don Medford, another famous director. These days, Bonnie lives in Los Angeles, where she has taken an interest in alternative therapies such as neurotherapy, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback therapy. Even though the vocals which Ian recorded for the Prelude ended up being removed for the album version of the song, she is still credited for working with the KISS superstar.

It even reached the 1 spot on the Billboard chart. Ian was married to Portuguese filmmaker Tino Sargo for five years before divorcing. After coming out of the closet, she married Patricia Snyder in Ward took issue with were solely about me, not Ms. Ward or anyone else. From when she was just 18 years old, Katey Sagal, future Married… With Children star, had an on-and-off fling with Gene Simmons which lasted for years.

She then married drummer Jack White and the couple had two children together, before getting divorced again. Shannon Tweed is one of the most well-known erotic thriller actresses in Hollywood. Her long-term relationship with Gene Simmons began back in Their romance has, by no means, been easy. Simmons has confessed, on a of occasions, to succumbing to the temptations that come along with being a famous rockstar on the road. Through all the highs and lows, Tweed has stuck by her mans side.

Tweed and Simmons were together for 28 years before they decided to tie the knot in Sophie Simmons, daughter of Gene Simmons, was born in Her older brother, Nick, was born in Lately, Sophie has also started her very own fashion line. When Gene Simmons decided to produce a solo, self-titled album in , he wanted to fill his album with talented musician from all different genres.

She went on to see tremendous success through the s and s. Throughout her career, she won five Grammy Awards, with eight other Grammy Award nominations, along with whole slew of other awards and honors. Sadly, Summer passed away in from lung cancer. She left behind her husband, Bruce Sudano, her two daughters, Brooklyn Sudano and Amanda Sudano, as well as an incredible legacy as a music icon. Watching evolution can be pretty incredible. Cher — Girlfriend. Cher — Now. Diana Ross — Girlfriend. Diana Ross — Now. Devin Devasquez — Rumored Love Interest.

Devin Devasquez — Now. Star Stowe — Love Interest. Star Stowe — Now. Liv Ullmann — Love Interest. Liv Ullmann — Now. Connie Hamzy — Love Interest. Connie Hamzy — Now. Wendy O. Williams — Now.

Elsa gene simmons

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