Female navel fetish

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You rock girl! We need more of you in the world! DM me, would love to hear your story of why and when you got attracted to getting your navel touched and played with. Well, I also like watchin' belly buttons especialy in Summer , wish I could find a girl, who likes it 2.

I hear ya! Guys I have dated spent a lot time with my bellybutton but just as much time on the rest of me. I absolutely love to have my bellybutton and whole stomach kissed and licked and touched. I would never get mine pierced either. I've been told my inbetweenie is absolutely perfect and I love showing it off and the reaction from guys I am dating. Sexual Health. I'd like it and let him play with it. Vote A. I wouldn't like it at all. Vote B. Make no difference to me.

Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Girls what would you think of a guy with a navel fetish. Add Opinion. I don't know why there is such a taboo on this subject, Everyone likes certain parts of the body above other parts right?

Do you think a one piece swimsuit looks better than a bikini? Why is it that a girl grabs more attention wearing a crop top, than one who doesn't? The only difference is a bare midriff, Why is it that the female singers that have a bare midriff sell millions? Fact is bellybuttons are attractive, said or not, even to those who don't have a "fetish" Did you know that one of the most searched terms on YouTube is "belly dance" Why is that? So why is it that some girls get bashful on this subject? I'm guessing most don't know why, or to be more accurate they don't remember why, Many didn't have a problem with bellybuttons as , so what changed?

Bellybuttons are cute, The only thing that is truly weird is where this ridiculous shame has come from,. Juliabellybutton Xper 2. Every guy I have dated has had this fetish. I think it's extremely common. No guy I have known has been into any weird stuff about bellybutton though. It's just a very erotic zone and to be frank I have always loved it! Why do you think we see bellybuttons everywhere - advertising, crop tops, fashion, close-ups in some commercials, etc. In the summer and other points throughout the year I frequently wear outfits that show my navel.

Whether or not it would make a difference to me would really depend on whether or not- and how- it actually impacted me. I wouldn't be bothered by the fact that he had the fetish, but if he acted totally obsessed with my navel or neglected other parts of my body, it would make us incompatible.

Juliabellybutton I'd like 2 do that :. EverythingReal 1. I would not be able to comply with the fetish. Unless he just wanted to look at it or whatever. My belly button is on the sensitive side so I would not enjoy him playing around with it. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Guys and girls, what do you think of belly button piercings? Girls, what do you think about a belly button piercing on a guy? Yes or no? What do guys think about girls with stomach scars?

Yay or Nay to belly button piercing on a shy girl at 21 years old? Sort Girls First Guys First. Idk, I'd think "hm, that's interesting", I guess. I wouldn't do anything different. I already try to work out as often as I can and eat right. My belly button has been pierced for a long time. So I'd do the same stuff I always do, lol. I wouldn't like it because my bellyboo is messed up! I had surgery for a herniated navel when I was about 4 and now it's weird!

I refuse to get mine pierced, but I make sure to keep it in shape and have a very nice belly button area that I don't intend to lose any time soon, haha. Juliabellybutton I also have an inbetweenie!!! Follow me! As long as it doesn't matter to him that I have a belly button piercing it's fine by me. Unsong Xper 3. Beautiful I wish I was your boyfriend. Related myTakes. I got kicked out, but I feel better because I moved on! My Unemployment Nightmare. Surviving the ro of Italy. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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Female navel fetish

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Girls what would you think of a guy with a navel fetish