Femboy dating

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To meet femboys on the internet, or people interested in the subject of femboys , whatever the reason find friends, a lover, contacts for a professional, associative project, … , wherever you are, you can the Femboy Club , the dating club promoted by Femboy. This registration is free and without obligation. Once your e-mail address has been sent, you will be in contact with an agent of the Femboy. He will put you on the list of club members. This will keep you informed of the latest news from the site on the subject of femboys.

In particular as soon as the list reaches an ideal size, we can think about a dedicated service to put members of the Femboy club in touch with each other at their request. Your E-mail Address :. Your city:. Who do you wish to meet?? Who are you? What is your message?

What is the date of your birth? You can unsubscribe at any time using the complaints link located at the bottom of the site or by contacting the site editor at contact femboy. As soon as at least one other registrant has sent us a request that matches yours, then we will suggest that you get in touch. If the other registrant decides in the same direction as you, then we will put you in contact by exchanging your e-mail addresses.

Thanks to the e-mail address of the other registrant you will be able to get in touch and meet people. Indicative times: Monday from 2 p. Wednesday from 2 p. Thursday from 2 p. Friday from 2 p. Saturday from 2 p. Registration is open! Register now in the Femboy Club:.

Today, the day of registration. A few moments after your registration. A first mail will be sent to keep you in touch. You can talk with us as you want. Research time. Your request is analyzed. We collect the request from other registrants. We compare. Proposal day. As soon as at least one other registrant has sent us a request that matches yours, then we will suggest that you get in touch Standard matching is offered.

Additional services may be offered. Day of your decision. We receive your decision. We await the decision of the other registrant. Day of contact. We execute the terms based on the additional services you have requested from us. The rest of the story will be yours! We hope you find the person s you are looking for. At any time, you can ask us to unsubscribe and re-subscribe the search list. If necessary, a Femboy agent is at your disposal on femboy. To the question "What's new? Share this:.

Femboy dating

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