Fetish hotels

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Life is hard. And chasing life goals, sometimes, leaves you with barely any time to chase pleasure. Which includes sex. We are sure that almost all of you have some wild ideas as to how to have fun with your partner in the sack, but not enough opportunity or time. Fuss no more. Just book yourself a room in one of these sexy hotels, on the pretext of a 'vacation,' and make up for all the dirty bumping and grinding you haven't had the chance to indulge in all this while.

Equipped with a seven-foot giant Champagne-glass bathtub for two, their Champagne Tower Suite is where you should drop your anchor. The hotel also has a vintage sex toy shop, as well as a heart-shaped swimming pool. Guests can also order adult-only toys, restraints, chastity devices, leather floggers and other accessories.

Each room is named after someone, and is starkly different in its interior de. Featuring 19 trendy, but affordable rooms, each enclosure has a theme inspired by pop art, rock n roll, and burlesque, along with special rooms which have peep show showers, or reflective ceilings.

Guests are also allowed the option of ordering exotic hampers. Your imagination can have a field day at this hotel. With rooms ranging from the demure 'Mirror Style' and 'Beginner Style,' to a 'Medical' room as well as a 'Shame' room, your space will come equipped with additional costumes on order.

This hotel has a suite, called Two Lions, which houses dual cages on stilts. Enough said. Also, two-way mirrors and handcuffs are no big deal here for the not-so-faint hearted. This room boutique 'love' hotel is equipped with waterbeds and satin bedsheets, a Prison Room which has metal bars, your own set of handcuffs and every possible entrapment for every fetish imaginable.

Their Erotic Suite is a red, hot 1, square space which will light your flailing fire. With its rotating bed, mirrored ceilings, mood-lighting in the ShowShower — which comes armed with the requisite stripper pole, and an extensive collection of adult content on demand, you will get in the zone for all the lovin' you have been desiring.

Fetish hotels

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