Heel fetish

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By highheelz , September 13, in Stories with a high heel theme. I believe my high heel fetish started quiet sometime ago. I believe I was in junior high school. My father was given orders to Maryland, so off we went. I remember he worked in his office with a woman that seemed to be like a secretary of sorts.

Being so young, I never took notice of this dear woman. But as the years passed, I found myself approaching my junior high school age and apparently taking notices of many new changes in the world. Well one change I do recall was my fascination with high heels.

It was on a very unusual day that she had stopped by our home to either drive my dad to work, or help him pick up his car from the shop perhaps. Why my mother didn't drive him is truly beyond my knowledge att his late in the game. I do recall that she had entered our home and was waiting for my dad to get ready.

As she waited, I recall that she had sat down at our old kimball organ. It really didn't phase me much, until I glanced down at the bottom area of the bench upon which she was sitting. It was at that moment that I noticed her wearing a very sexy pair of high heel slingbacks. I remember thinking just how immediately sexy her feet and legs looked in the shoes. It was so fascinating, that I ran upstairs to our spare room in hope of gathering just one more glance of her heels. My fantasy with this short gray haired woman continued for many many years. There was no such thing as a offensive word removed by moderator back then.

But if there had been, Carol would surely have been one for sure. She always wore high heels and could she walk in them. It was a wonderful time to be alive, since almost all women wore high heels. That was just about all they could buy, unless they just wore flats. This woman is soley responsible for my love of high heels even today. In fact, if I can get enough interest, I will tell you all how I was actually able to video her wearing her high heels shoes in her apartment.

And yes I do have video proof of this event. Welcome to hhplace, highheelz Interesting beginning. I'm sure many of our members can relate to how your fascination with high heels started. Do you ever wear heels yourself? Please make yourself at home here and comment freely about your interests. Thanks for the response. As far as myself is concerned, I would much rather see them on someome else. It feeds my fantasies and thoughts when I can see them on someone else. Candid high heel footage from the 70's and 80's?? Wow, I'd be interested to know how you pulled that off given how big camcorders must have been back in the day.

Well it wasn't that difficult. I told her I was doing a video about self defense and I needed her to dress up like she would as if she was going to work. In of course that included her in a dress and high heels. I was actually able to get her to do that at least three seperate times on video. You have to be creative sometimes. You are right, that is creative. She must like dressing up, especially in high heels for her to go along with this so readily.

Wow that's an awesome story man! I also luv ladies in high heels I luv watching them dangling and pointing their toes in them. When I discovered my high heel fetish. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Posted September 13, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Bubba Posted September 13, Being mentally comfortable in your own mind is the key to wearing heels in public. Posted September 20, Posted October 10, Posted October 11, Welcome highheelz.

I'm sure there are a lot of us who wouldn't mind seeing your video s. Posted November 3, How do I go about sharing the videos with you all??? You could put them on you tube or a similar site and add a link to them here. Posted November 6, I love your fanatay and of course I like to see your videos, please. Posted November 10, Posted November 11, This topic is now closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. In Up. I accept.

Heel fetish

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