How to get a paypig

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So before we go on, this blog post is a little more NSFW than it would usually be. I started noticing PayPigs in around and as the years go on, more and more seem to be cropping up. In the realm of BDSM, a Paypig is a submissive, almost always male, who has consented to financial servitude towards his Mistress.

But long story short, the PayPig got in touch with me on Twitter, introduced himself t and offered to put money into my . Now, that would temp most people. Me being me, I was worried it was a scam more than anything else and I have a habit of playing along with scammers to see where it takes me — so played along for a few days.

Keep safe. Well there you go. This is what this want wanted from me anyway. He wanted me to spend his money and ruin his credit score for him. He asked me to go online and look at things I could buy with his money and let him know what to buy.

The Paypig never asked for pictures from me, anything that particularly made me feel uncomfortable. Well, I suppose he did ask me to go shopping with him. I quite cruelly asked him if he was taking the mick. I suppose if I had gone ahead, the Paypig would ask you for payment details of some kind. I was offered online and in real life shopping sprees. I was certainly pretty skint then too. When I picture a Paypig and a femmeDom, I picture a rich man who is throwing their money at beautiful young women.

That is quite attractive to me. But I had an inkling. Not gonna lie Mistress, your right there. I have been into findom for way to long to have a good credit score. We could do it on payday where my paycheque is fresh and untouched for you Mistress. Getting into debt and having your credit score can ruin your life. And any sexual exchange, BDSM or vanilla, is supposed to be fun and safe — right? So after realising the situation I just stopped replying. I felt sorry for him.

I would be more worried about the person wanting to meet to spend the money. How do you know they are not part of a team Eg they know where you live and if you are out with them then they know your property is empty? If we went shopping in my local area all he would have to spend money on would be Poundland, charity shops and takeaway. Notify me of follow-up comments by . Notify me of new posts by . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What is a PayPig? The person receiving the money ahem, me?

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How to get a paypig

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How to Find a Paypig