I want to have sex with a crossdresser

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Or Learn more Continue. Crossdream Life. Crossdream Life A safe place to talk about gender and everything trans and nonbinary. Switch to Print View - 42 posts 1 2 3 4 5 Next. We haven't talked that much about the way some male to female crossdressers end up having sex with men, why cis men find them attractive and why the crossdressers would like to take part in such play, even if they are primarily attracted to women.

I have been in touch with quite a few MTF crossdressers who have enjoyed such contact, though, and who find it both emotionally and sexually fulfilling. I guess I have not written about this, because I am not a crossdresser. I also know that many of the members of CDL are love shy people, and would therefore find it hard to consider this an option. Yeah hi I'm one of those Street guys really hi I'm one of those guys and have been wondering for a long time and just had cuts to do it now I want to feel and know how it is to have sex with a cross dress and being with them for a while may be going to bed having fun all of you get back to me.

Hi how are you I remember when I was 12 years old I seen a crossdresser I thought she was so beautiful I didn't know at first nothing happen I mean we didn't owe anything or nothing by I was so attracted tell her I've never been with one and I would really like to be with a crossdresser Timmy Tim time to stand them and also to know how it is to make love to him if you think you're one of those I would like to show me teach me how good it feels please get back to me. I live in Massachusetts if anybody wants to come and visit me which I hope there is I am I would love that I would love to speak with one hold one kiss one just know how it feels to be which one I think processed is a so beautiful that's what I wanted to be with one I can host I have my own place so help me.

That does not explain why MTF crossdressers who are not attracted to men will have sex with men, though. Some of them tell me that it is all about being affirmed as a woman, others the desire to be penetrated, other say that their desires shift en femme, and others again have discovered that they are bisexual. This may not make much sense if you are attached to a belief system that is based on sexual orientation.

You are either attracted to men or women. The only taboo is to take on the female role itself. A 'woman'? As in that which can vex a man most? A 'girl' lacks the mystery, tends to be an open book. Would you love me as anything but what I am?

Bea de Vine. I want to have sex with men who see me as a woman. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. I want to say something but its early days for me. This site is so overwhelming with so much info and interlect. I just need to settle in a little.

When I say early days I mean just for being here. posts 32 remaining. Related Discussions. Back to top. OK .

I want to have sex with a crossdresser

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