Kik post for instagram

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Integration between popular social media platforms and mobile messaging services is certainly not a new concept. Kik carries the integrated media messaging and promoted chat niche. Instagram is a master of allowing users to broadcast their lives to the world, regardless of contact lists and friend requests. Many Kik Messenger users know that you can share your profile over Instagram, already.

The feature is built right into the Settings menu in Kik, and the rise of Kik codes have made the process that much simpler. If your aim is to be available for chatting with a broad, diverse audience, then Instagram is the ideal place to share your Kik information. Even a cursory glance at a kikmessenger search over at Instagram will yield hundreds of recent , from users sharing both content and profile links.

Earning likes and follows on Instagram is a common goal for many of the users on that side of the social media pond, and the media that you find and share on Kik can definitely serve a purpose in other apps. How often have you been looking through the comments on someone Instagram post, only to come across a link to their Kik Messenger username? The only throughput link between them is that they both offer a unique social experience; thankfully, knowing how to navigate both can help you to improve your experience in each of these respective apps.

Instagram and Kik are each remarkably easy to use though one is innately more integrated with your personal life, almost all of the time. Instagram urges users to post moments—usually an image or video clip—from their lives into their feed. Kik, on the other hand, is a much more direct communications app. While messages can certainly be media rich, the intention of Kik is to allow users to talk to each other with the same privacy offered by most text-messaging services.

How do the two apps combine, then? With a bit of courage and some reflection on what you want out of your Instagram and Kik experiences, both. This is such a popular move that the Kik developers built it right into the app. Bear with me! Specificity is important!

Vice versa, though? Things get a little more interesting. Read on! Can it be a bit alarming, at first? I have two directions to take my commentary on that, and both are fairly concise:. If privacy is important to you, the above two questions are worth your time and consideration. Get ready for the flood. In the comments of someone with a few followers, most of which you already know?

Get ready for a slow trickle of friends. As it stands, Kik Messenger is far better than much of its competition with regard to keeping your information secure. For example, you can use a free address from services such as Gmail. Should anything ever go wrong, a new Kik profile can be had as quickly as you can create a unique username and address to support it. Other messaging applications such as WhatsApp and imo are tied directly to your mobile and subsequently, your mobile device.

For this reason, more and more Instagram users that want to chat with their followers are turning to Kik as the most reliable solution. It pays to think ahead, and your own safety and privacy will thank you for the precaution! Users who are looking for more people to connect with can avoid the hassle of endless search engine queries and take to the Instagram community, where plentiful Kik users are already finding each other on a regular basis. Have you found any new friends and context through cross-posts from Kik Messenger to Instagram or vice versa?

Kik post for instagram

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