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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted , analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Similarly but in a virtual world, viral videos of white women making extremely questionable food continue to escape the confines of Facebook and end up on our Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram feeds. These videos all tend to have a similar aesthetic. A beautiful woman in her 30s stands at a counter or a sink or a stove doing something unholy with eggs or a waffle maker or McDonalds hamburgers or, sometimes, a power drill.

The videos typically jump from Facebook to TikTok before appearing without warning on Twitter and instantly becoming trending topics. Other videos that get lumped into this subgenre come from a corner of TikTok where extremely bad home cooks share utterly misguided culinary tips, like the woman who rinsed cooked ground beef under a sink faucet to make it less greasy.

But more often than not, these videos are coming from a handful of the same Facebook s. She then covers buttered slices of bread in garlic powder and flattens them with her forearms. Her is full of pranks and gross food. A few weeks before the Spaghetti-O pie, she posted a video about melting down candy canes and serving Chinese food on top of them. And Justin Flom, Janelle, and dozens more are part of a viral Facebook content network run by another magician named Rick Lax. Janelle Flom told Eater she met Lax 11 years ago, through her brother Justin.

Flom said she also works regularly with a country singer named Adley Stump. Sometimes TV or gourmet chefs seem out of reach or [their recipes are] hard to recreate for the average person with average cooking skills. We enjoy bringing some comic relief to them as well. It is, at this point, statistically impossible to not half-recognize magician Rick Lax.

Launched in the U. It hired the former news anchor Campbell Brown as head of news partnerships and convinced outlets like Vox, BuzzFeed, and Fox News to create Facebook-exclusive shows. Watch shows still live on a separate tab called Watch, but in the years since, it has sort of blended back in with the rest of the video content on the app. Lax is a professional magician from Detroit who has worked for David Copperfield , written several books about Las Vegas , and in spearheaded a reality competition show about magicians for SyFy called Wizard Wars.

Justin Flom appeared regularly on the show. Around , Lax started taking his street magic to Facebook , posting cellphone videos that began going extremely viral. His verified has 14 million followers. He also has 1. Lax told Eater that when the pandemic hit, there was suddenly no way to perform in front of live audiences, so he started bringing his friends into his Facebook network.

Eater has reached out to Facebook for comment. Stump appears in a lot of the videos Lax shares on his . Mukbang has also long carried with it a connotation of being related to a fetish. Many of the most popular mukbang influencers are all thin, beautiful women who eat large quantities of, oftentimes, very messy food. In February, shortly after the Spaghetti-O pie video ripped through the internet, a new video surfaced on Twitter, this time shared by a now-suspended user named PettiBetti. The video , retweeted 30, times, features a woman dumping cheese and ground beef and other various types of taco fixings onto a counter.

The woman in the video is a musician named Taylor Watson. A few weeks after the counter nachos, an of a TikTok video went viral on Twitter. In the clip, a woman puts raw spaghetti inside clumps of ground beef. Then she covers the clumps of meat and uncooked noodles with Nerds, a pebbly candy, and bakes it. The video was shared on Twitter by a user named bjbjonez and retweeted thousands of times. Kehayova told Eater that her videos are all spur-of-the-moment things meant to be fun and entertaining.

The entire gag was based on a dinner she had with some friends years ago. She makes videos, and if he likes them he shares them. Not everyone Lax promotes knows one another, she said, stressing the informal nature of the whole thing. Most of them, like her, are entertainers who had a ton of downtime during the pandemic. And finally, most recently, there was the toilet ice cream punch.

The video was shared by a user named curlyixing and has been retweeted more than 30, times since it was first shared on Thursday. The video features a woman filling up a toilet with ice, ice cream, and gummy worms. Then she dumps more candies, juice, and soda in the toilet tank and attempts to flush it all. The toilet backs up and then the clip ends with her ladling the concoction out into plastic cups.

The original video was posted to a called the Anna Show. The punchline at the end of the video is that the toilet ice cream soda slurry is then served to unsuspecting guests as a prank. Many users on Twitter incorrectly assumed that the counter nachos woman and the toilet punch woman were one in the same. However, the woman who posted the toilet slurry is named Anna Rothfuss.

Which is also probably part of their initial appeal on Facebook. These s are not only going more viral outside Facebook but also multiplying at rapid speeds inside Facebook. Many of these s link to and share content from and interact with other similar s, like the Alli and Viv , which was also created last year and recently posted a truly horrifying video of a woman covering a chicken in hand soap, cooking it in butter, and then basting it with root beer. Videos that do well on Facebook tend to have some kind of payoff.

Which plays off why we watch cooking videos to begin with. Prank videos work the same way. It involves dumping a can of corn into a piecrust, covering it in cheese and taco seasoning, wrapping that around a hot dog, and then sticking the whole thing in a waffle maker.

On Sunday, Lax shared two different videos about cooking something in a waffle maker, one from Watson and one from Janelle Flom. And there is an endless amount of household prank content. I do hope you enjoy it. The events that take place in this particular short-film video are for entertainment purposes only. Similarities to actual people or actual events are coincidences.

But whether he and his creators are doing it on purpose or not, the videos Lax is sharing across his absolutely massive s all present a very specific middle-class, suburban portrait of the world, where beautiful, young newlyweds play sexy pranks and do nice things for older people. Where construction workers, who are played by people of color, defend white women from street harassment.

Throughout his interview with Eater, Lax maintained that most of the recipes being created within his network are legitimately meant to be practical. When pressed and asked directly if he would eat, say, the counter nachos, he said it might be fun for a big party. Last week, he posted a new video of a woman making food directly onto a countertop. This time it was spaghetti instead of nachos. Not interested in spaghetti? Update on Tuesday, May 11 at P. Also, I do remember the specifics of how Adley was brought into my network — I reached out to her. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted , analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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