Medical sex fetish

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Every once in awhile I stumble upon someone who has a medical fetish without even knowing it. They often refer to it as gynecologist fetish, doctor roleplay, nurse and patient routine and so on. There is a word for it and I am just gonna say it — Medical fetish, boys and girls. Everything that has a connection between sex and any form of medical job, facility, or role is a medical fetish. There is no need to go into detail when describing someone what you are into. Simply say that your fetish is medical and if they want to know more you may or may not tell them, it is completely up to you.

Medical fetish is a vast field and everything that falls into this category can be vastly different. That is why I will try to bring this fetish to the light and put a new perspective on how to look at this fetish and what items, tools, toys you can use to expand your knowledge and experience.

Medfet or medical fetish means that a person is sexually attracted to something that is related to medicinal practice. Medical fetish is used to describe everything you can think of when it comes to any sort of sexual activity where people are aroused by medical equipment, medical environments, medicinal practice and or doctor, nurse, patient roles.

Having said that, not every medical fetish has to have sexual activity in it. A medical fetish may be manifested in many different ways. Someone may be aroused by the title doctor, others may have sexual thoughts about the uniforms you can usually see on the medical staff, and others may find that tools and operating procedures are sexy.

There really is no rule when it comes to this. It can be lots of reasons and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to this very big term. It can be a leftover doctor and nurse kink from playing as kids. It can also be sexual arousal when seeing the uniform. It can be that some people just like the feeling of medical instruments on their bodies. Or, maybe you saw a hot nurse or a doctor and you associate that with sexual desire and wanted to investigate more. The truth is that fetishes manifest in all sorts of ways and nothing is right or wrong when it comes to this sort of thing.

I tried to add something for everyone who enjoys medical fetish and I tried to keep high quality without having a crazy price tag and a lot of the below pairs amazingly with this list of bdsm furniture right here. No matter what you and your partner need in the bedroom, this tantric chair will deliver.

You can also look at these sex chairs for more ideas. There is no more need to put pillows or cushions underneath your lover to reach all the spots you want. Simply get one of these center stages and all of your deepest desires will be fulfilled. The cover is made from faux leather and is completely removable for easier cleaning. There are three cuff connectors on each side that are suitable for all sorts of bondage plays and the bolster on top will ensure that any part of your body is well levitated.

This bed can also be used for massages. With its 5 inches of insertable length and a smooth tip, this toy provides the very best in the world of filling both anal and vaginal holes to the fullest. The applicator is very easy to fill up with your favorite lube and it has a rubber cap that will prevent any unwanted spillage.

This smooth steel speculum is made from stainless steel and is authentic in look meaning your doctor roleplay will become more immersive than ever. This toy features a screw-pin and it is there to make it easy to use with just one hand. This vaginal speculum is fully sterilizable for body-safe fun and can be stretched to 3. This box contains non-sterile, disposable, ambidextrous latex gloves.

These gloves can be used in any way you and your partner like and they really embellish the whole doctor-patient routine. The gloves come in small, medium, or large size. Strike a bit of fear in your patient with this realistic looking reflex hammer from Black Taylor and you will feel completely in charge. Test their reflexes and poke around their bodies to find the weak spots. Use gentle taps or stronger hits and you will soon find out what they like. If you turn it sideways you can use it for spanking, although be careful with that. Wash with warm soapy water before and after use.

This incredible rolling drum can spark wonders when used right and it fits perfectly into any medkit you put together. The pro tip is to use this with a violet wand attachment which comes with a guide on how to use it. If you love anal play then this toy is perfect for you. Made from transparent medical-grade plastic that measures 3 inches in length and 3. Just slip the center loop inside the vagina and use the bendy silicone for parting the labia. Reaching the clitoris has never been easier when using this toy.

It is made from body-safe silicone and it bends to match whatever shape your vagina needs. The best part is that your hands are completely free to additionally stimulate your partner. Achieve deeper than ever penetration with this sportsheets saffron thigh sling and your partner will scream with orgasms. The sling is very easy to set up and it is comfortable for prolonged usage due to soft rests on the legs and neck.

It comes in a stylish red and black color and the neck pillow has 2 D-rings for your kinkiest cuff plays. Restraint your difficult patients and make sure their head will always look straight with this deluxe padded medical posture collar. This high-quality leather, nickel-plated, and hand-made collar has a chin rest to hold the jaw in place for whatever action you desire.

It also features 2 D-rings on the side that provide more bondage and play options. This collar goes great with matching ankle cuffs and arm splints. No matter what you do in the bedroom there will always be some kind of fluids, bodily or fabricated.

Scandal super sheet will ensure that no moisture or fluid penetrates its PVC plastic. Even though it is made from plastic, the feeling on the skin is incredible and will leave no allergic reactions. Use it wherever you want and without any problems. It comes in glossy red color which will fit perfectly into the med fetish. Enhance your foreplay and teasing with stainless steel wartenberg pinwheel and leave your partner breathless with its 22 pins in total.

Fit it in your medkit with ease since it has a chrome finish and a stylish look. Little skin contact — huge in pleasure. Options are limitless when it comes to this kind of thing. Made from solid stainless steel and with the ball measuring 3. It can be used for both anal or vaginal insertion.

You can even use a part of the stem to provide a longer insertion length. It is easy to clean and sterile and the ball is screwed in place for easier cleaning and storage. On the other end, we have a 1-inch ring that can be used with a finger or hooked on to any of your bondage toys and it will work like a charm. Sounding devices are tools that are inserted into the penis for direct stimulation of the prostate. Some men even love stimulating the bladder but this can be very dangerous if not done correctly. It is quite an extreme practice but will leave you with an intense and pleasurable feeling if done right.

It is best to use small diameter rods to start and work your way up the charts. I recommend using lots and lots of lube for this sort of play as no amount of lube is too much when it comes to this. This multi-functional penis plug from Dominix Deluxe can work wonders for you in the bedroom. It can enlarge your penis and stimulate your frenulum with its glands for external pleasure.

The tapered plug, on the other hand, will sit inside your penis and stimulate your nerve endings. Get your favorite lube and start enjoying your new toy. Enhance your erections, delay ejaculations, and prolong your sexy time with this sperm stopper. It seems like this little thing can do all sorts of wonders and it is true. With its 1. The urethral stretcher that you can find here seems like something you would see in a sci-fi movie, but the pleasure it can give you is no fiction at all. Expand your tip and shaft with this toy and make way for other things that you can put while this is still inside you.

Sounds intense, and trust me, the feeling it gives you is also intense. The material used is stainless steel and the 3x3mm rods set on the frame will give you plenty of options to gently stretch your penis. Not recommended if you are a beginner in penis sounding. Enjoy penis tip and shaft stimulation like never before with this tightly ribbed, intermediately long rod that will open new horizons to anyone brave enough to try it.

This penis dilator is made from stainless steel and measures 7 inches in length and 6mm in diameter. It is double-ended which means you can use both the ribbed end and the smooth end for whatever pleasure you desire. It is long enough to even stimulate the prostate in most men. With its 39 grams of weight, it ensures an easy sliding into the penis and the round head needs to be well lubricated before starting any play.

Medical sex fetish

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