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When Taylor Crenshaw graduated from kindergarten, her teacher asked her what she was going to be when she grew up. The little girl walked across the stage and, to the delight of the Virginia crowd, declared that she would like to become a preacher. But if the role of a preacher is to broadcast a set of chosen truths, and to serve as a source of support and encouragement for friends and outsiders, then you might say she did become one.

From an early age, she was good at asking questions and connecting with people. Using the alter-ego Nicole Milfie online in her twenties, Taylor spoke openly and often to a loyal community of fans. She was a self-taught scholar of internet celebrity, fascinated by the need of others to feel recognized. She perhaps also viewed the internet as a place where she could recognize herself, and by making public almost everything in her brain there, she attracted a cult following that looked to her for entertainment, insight, and a never-ending supply of compassionate guidance.

This August, when she was 21 years old, Taylor died suddenly. She was mourned almost immediately by believers and friends around the world — people she had never actually met, but who felt nevertheless that they had known her. And maybe they had. Taylor was born in in Richmond, Virginia. She grew up with her mom, dad, and older sister in the historic district downtown, in the shadow of Virginia Commonwealth University. As , she was talkative and had a radical streak. Taylor kept a small circle of friends, and found it easier to connect with boys than girls.

As a preteen, Taylor would spend entire days in front of an iMac her mom had given her, browsing the internet. She read everything — reports about the wars overseas, national scandals, listings for art shows in New York — and saved thousands of images she liked or wanted to remember.

After her parents divorced in , Taylor lived with her mom. Especially when she became a mom. In the delivery room, Felicia cut the umbilical cord. Taylor had ed Twitter the summer after graduation and was absurdly honest on it from the jump. Through her pregnancy, she tweeted about porn, food, and her changing body, and checked in on her growing army of fans, which eventually counted more than 33, followers among its ranks.

Nicole Milfie used the cherries emoji as a personal stamp. She spoke openly about her body and encouraged others to do the same. On a Tumblr called Ask Milfie , she fielded questions about sex and self-love. Stand your fucking ground girl. She called Taylor an old soul, with whom she felt close enough to trade dating advice. I was not the one. She was on the intersection of those things. She was just a young girl in the middle of Virginia. Her network was really underground, but she payed attention to the culture.

Taylor seems to have seen herself in the triumphs and failings of marginal celebrities. And in multi-tweet stories, she narrated tragicomic scenes from her own life. She acknowledged her own struggles with her mental health, and attracted people who could relate.

As her audience multiplied, some followers found ways to champion her. In another episode, she peeled back the layers of how former reality stars Spencer and Heidi Pratt were managing to hold on to their celebrity years after its peak. And while her own name grew, Taylor became just as hyper-aware of her own cult status.

The talent is right there. Personalities online are transferring to TV. The mainstream is changing before our eyes. A couple minor blogs picked up the story, and for a moment, Taylor entered as a character in the world she spent her days looking after. Taylor struggled with addiction throughout her life, and went to rehab three times.

Just days before she died, she started a sobriety count on her Twitter, using GIFs of Lindsay Lohan to illustrate her mood. In the weeks after her death, there were rumors on Twitter that Taylor died from a heroin overdose. In response to those, her mother Felicia went quiet.

You can rule that one out. No way. But now her family is adjusting to a world without Taylor in it, as are her admirers. In September, Madi, a year-old fan from New Jersey who tweets as amadijuana, got a cherries emoji tattooed on his right arm in her honor. While she expected to live child-free after raising three daughters of her own, she has embraced her new role. And it you have any bad news, leave it before the beep.

Over the past few months, Felicia says she has been reminded of her daughter at every turn, but especially in the presence of butterflies, which seem to keep popping up. When she sits out on her deck, there are butterflies all around her. On a recent walk in the neighborhood, a huge one almost smacked her right in the face. Music Style Culture Video. Twitter facebook youtube instagram. Nicole Milfie. Taylor Crenshaw shared her entire life online.

And like the celebrities she adored, she was mourned publicly after her death. The 9 projects you should stream right now.


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