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On a dark corner of the Internet, users on an anonymous website trade thousands of nude photographs of women. The site, Anon-IB, is known as the dumping grounds for stolen nude photographs of celebrities in , and most recently, of female Marines. But a two-month long NBC 5 investigation found another disturbing trend: the soliciting, posting and trading of photos of what appear to be former high school students. The thre go back to at least I feel violated and disgusted.

She asked we conceal her identity and call her Jennifer. Jennifer, 20, said she sent an intimate photo to a man she was interested in a few years ago. Charles North High School, along with her full name and graduating class. Bad actors are spreading this material.

NBC 5 Investigates also contacted all 67 schools identified on the website. The handful of school administrators who responded all condemned the activity and encouraged former students to contact local police if their photos are posted. Of all the concerns surrounding anonymous sites like Anon-IB, law enforcement officials say the most alarming is that some of the women pictured nude are younger than 18 years old. He clicks on it and sees naked pictures of his daughter when she was 15 years old. Anon-IB has a disclaimer on its site telling users that child porn is prohibited.

Anonymous sites like Anon-IB pose an obstacle for victims, according to advocates, because it places the burden on them to identify the perpetrators. Jacobs, who created the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative after also becoming a victim of non-consensual porn. The Communications Decency Act provides immunity to internet service providers and websites as long as they are not creating the content, according to legal experts.

Illinois has a strong revenge porn statute, which criminalizes the dissemination of an intimate photo without consent. But the law requires identification of the person sharing the images. A lot of this goes to cyber security and data privacy. Jennifer said she wants other young women to know that her story is a real consequence of sharing intimate photos.

Law enforcement officials said the only way to stop the proliferation of sites like Anon-IB, young men and women must be educated. The women, as well as authorities, said they want the public to know sites like this exist and to take measures to protect themselves. Chicago Weather 39 mins ago. Back to Article. Close Menu. Search for:. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram.

Nudes from my area

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