Saran wrap mummification

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Mummification bondage can be an exhilarating experience for both the Dom and the sub. You also have the option of wrapping up one or several body parts or the entire body — depending on the comfort and consent of the participant. There are several reasons why people like mummification. Besides a willing participant and detailed knowledge of the risks? You need something to wrap with.

Here is a list of possible materials along with their pros and cons…. No worries about cutting out of it because it costs nothing. However, it can NOT breathe and the person being wrapped could experience overheating and dehydration. Breathes better than other options but you still need to watch for any overheating. Can also fold and bunch around the ts.

Good for medical play scenes. Will be more expensive. Need to watch for how stretchy and possible circulation problems. Uses wet plaster pieces like you would a cast for a broken leg or arm. Needs plastic wrap or fabric over the body to avoid hair being pulled out. High risk of overheating needs parts of the body exposed to be safer.

Harder to remove for emergencies. Great for medical play. Does not breathe. Needs a layer of plastic wrap underneath or pantyhose. Also does not breathe. Learn more about tape here Breathes wonderfully and little risk of overheating or dehydration. Washable and reusable but you will need to sew the lengths together to make strips long enough. Can fold and bunch, so needs more overlapping. Similar to cotton, it will need to be sewn into long strips. Can cause overheating. BAGS — Customized sacks mean to fit and restrain the entire body.

Only wrap a couple of body parts for a short amount of time and slowly work your way up as your experience and knowledge build. Less movement restriction but safer and good for those who want to get used to the sensation. Breathing passages are not obstructed.

Mouth free to communicate issues. Can add a blindfold to add to sensory deprivation or control. The most restrictions and psychological effects but also the most dangerous. A combination of materials to minimum coverage and maximum restraint. The problem is different materials act differently and each person is unique with how they can hold their bodies or how long they can maintain a position. I would not include them in the arm wraps and only bind them in the last stages so I can see them clearly.

Pay attention for the following, if they appear, remove them from the mummification immediately. Have a towel ready to wipe away sweat and then wrap them in a warm blanket. Hold them close and monitor their physical, mental, and emotional state until things settle back to normal. Make sure they drink water. Offer chocolate if they need a pick-me-up.

A warm shower can also help them acclimate back to the real world and a state of comfort. Since this is extreme bondage, never skimp on the aftercare. Well, I hope this helps you with your bondage journey! If you have any more tips or tricks, feel free to comment below so we can all benefit. Also, if you want more useful articles, check out these….

Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible. Then it will show here. It can be about completely giving up control to someone else — and enjoying the resulting feeling of helplessness. It can add to sensory deprivation and allow subs to float in a warm, empty space. It can include different levels of humiliation — either from the act itself, having the genitals exposed, or through verbal humiliation from the Top. The tight wrappings can create a womb-like environment where someone can feel safe and relaxed. It's not a fast process, expect a minimum of 30 minutes to get them cocooned.

Make sure you both go to the bathroom before the session. Remove all jewelry and other sharp things that could tear the wrappings, hurt the sub, or interfere with circulation. How much overlap depends on the material, but t areas generally need more overlap to stop the material from bunching, folding, or rolling.

Cut costs on tape by wrapping in plastic or other material then reinforcing just above the ts or other areas that need more support. If your material is sticky like tape or plaster , you will need a barrier between the skin and the wrappings — plastic wrap, pantyhose, BDSM gear like spandex hoods , or normal clothing. Wrap each arm and leg separately THEN bind them to the torso no skin-to-skin contact. Put a pillow or padding between the legs especially the knees and ankles to relieve pressure and discomfort.

Have the sub take a deep breath before you wrap the torso so there will be enough room for them to comfortably breathe during your session. Leave patches of skin bare to help with overheating — also so you can watch their skin tone for circulation issues. Wrap the torso diagonally , not horizontally. Wrap the upper body first while they are sitting or on their knees , then have them lie down to wrap the lower body no falling risk Wrap the head last so the sub can communicate. The head is also the first to be un wrapped. Once they're wrapped, proceed to the next pre-negotiated stage - this can be just unwrapping them, leaving them monitored to enjoy it for a pre-determined amount of time, running your hands along their body, play with genitals, using a sex toy, etc.

When cutting them out, if possible, put your hand between the material and their skin — creating another layer of protection. If you are new to wrapping, always start with small areas. Never pull the material too hard and risk cutting off circulation. Have emergency scissors ready to cut them out. There is falling danger if your sub is standing. Keep communicating with your partner during the session. Be aware of their psychological state — anxiety attacks etc.

Watch for overheating or dehydration. Have blankets, water, and chocolate for aftercare. Never allow the air passages to be blocked. Be aware of conditions that could but their breathing at risk respiratory problems etc. Avoid wrapping the neck use a hood instead or extremely loose wrappings. Having a second person to help with the wrapping is useful. Never keep ropes or supports under the armpits to help them stand , could cause nerve damage. Robyn TagsMummification Bondage.

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Saran wrap mummification

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