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Are you crushing hard on someone and want to get to know them a little better? Learning how to play Truth or Dare over text is easy. Its main difference compared with the regular Truth or Dare game is that you will not be talking face to face with your crush. While answering truth questions is just basically texting your answer, doing dares over text take a bit more effort. You could send pictures, make videos or record your voice depending on the type of dare.

Be careful what you wish for! Play our online version of Truth or Dare and get random questions and crazy challenges! You can also download our Truth or Dare app to your Apple or Android phone if you want to play anytime. Try mixing some of our questions with your own to make playing Truth or Dare over text more unpredictable! Here are some flirty questions that you can use for a game of Truth or Dare over text with your crush. Keep in mind that truth and dares over text can go from mild and wholesome one second to sexy and wild in an instant!

You and your crush will definitely see new sides to each other once you start playing! Watching a beach sunset with your special someone is always a classic! Find out what common interests you and your crush have. Talk about Freaky Friday! Ask your crush this question to see what kind of interesting answer they will come up with. You might just fall into that category yourself!

Is it their brain, their humor, or something on the physical side? Sounds like a soap opera but asking this question will give you insight on what the things your crush values in life. A family member or a pet? Maybe a celebrity?

No judgements here! Would you be the hopeless romantic, the funny best friend, or the knight in shining armor? Rom-coms have a lot of tropes, and you can ask your crush which trope they are. Sending the best dares over text is not as hard as you might think. Just keep things light and fun! As you start your game, give easy dares over text first. You need to get used to how you will give your proof via text as well.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make the dares more challenging. Feel free to throw in funny dares over text too and remember that you should both be having a good time playing! If you are feeling a bit naughty and want to tease your crush, give them this dare and see what their answer would be.

Who knows, you might also like their answer. This is silly enough that it may actually work. Dare your crush to do this and be amazed at how athletic they are, or be entertained at how silly they look struggling. Nothing beats a special selfie from that special someone. Ask your crush to take a selfie and send it to you. The sexier, the better. Pressure them into sending you their celebrity crushes as quickly as possible. It will be funny and silly seeing them panic.

You know that your crush will scramble to get into their sexiest outfit. The bonus is that you get a photo or video of them in a sexy outfit! Another dare to make your crush sing. Have you seen Miss Congeniality? If you want to take your flirty dares over text to the next level, spice things up with good dirty dares over text. These could range from naughty to sexual dares over text and will definitely keep you and your crush hot and bothered for sure!

If you are delving into naughty conversations with your crush, you can always throw this dare into the mix. See what dirty dream they share with you, and maybe you can share yours back. By asking your crush to do this dare, you will not only know what their favorite body part is but also makes them think of you. Dare your crush into telling you their ultimate sexual fantasy, no judgements and no holds barred.

Make your crush describe their underwear down to the minute details in this dare. Watch them fumble or be flirty back in their descriptions. Ask your crush to do this dare and see how willing they are to do it plus you get to find out what their favorite body part is at the same time.

Eating food can be sexy too. Dare your crush to do this and ask them to send you a video of them sexily eating a can of Pringles. Try these hilariously statements that you and your friends may or may not have done! Whether you play it with or without alcohol, never will you ever have a more awesome time playing! Truth or Dare. Which superpower would you have based on your personality? Truth or Dare Truth or Dare. Check it out right now:.

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Truth or dare questions over text dirty

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