Women in hose

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Hi there! Share Alamy images with your team and customers. Current lightbox. Live chat. Womens Hose Stock Photos and Images Narrow your search:. Cut Outs. Recent searches:. Create a new lightbox Save. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. Bank Civil Defence unit in training. In response to the Government appeal for business houses to form their own Civil Defence units Mr.

The unit can often be seen in training on bombed sites around Lothbury. He used dress to bolster his claim to the throne and project a status in the days after the Battle of Bosworth. Tudor clothing continued to evolve as fashions and trends changed. Men, meanwhile, wore a shirt, jerkin, doublet, overgown, and a hose. Men also usually wore caps, adorned with various jewels and feathers. Fashions for men and women during the reign of Henry VII. This from a issue of McCall's magazine is advertising a corset-type garment to help correct poor posture. The ladies attempted to replicate old the photograph inserted above of women Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune during the s.

The evolution of female uniforms is prominently displayed in the modern-day photograph, as the women pictured above were only issued a skirt, blouse, seamed hose, high-heels, a cover and purse. Caution, in the form of a woman with a mirror in the right hand, around it a hose winds.

At the top of the show the word 'prvdentia' caution. This print is part of a series of seven round representations of the virtues, each personified by a women's figure with typical attributes, and with Latin inscription. Caution; Prudentia; The virtues. The faith or godliness with flame on the head and burning heart tramps earthly things and a globe.

The Personification of Weelde tries to seduce her with a golden apple. Links are truth with mirror and simplicity with a book that point the way towards heaven. There are a women's figure and angel with the Hose Ourobouros. Allegorical performance with faith, truth and simplicity; Title for: Hendrik Graauwhart, Frontbeechelyke Zeede reading, in heifers and uytbids, In a cartouche there is a carved female bust with a suspicious star in her chest within an oval. A rooster flies with a laurel wreath and a star between his claws on the bust. The oval is flanked by two putti that are dressed as Mercury and Minerva, at the bottom are a mirror, a hose and an oil lamp.

On top of the cartouche is a shelf with books and a banderole with the words: indefessa caput sertis vigilantia cingit. Cartouche with women's bra. Short knitted socks for sports on women's feet. Soft comfortable socks for sports, fitness and yoga. Socks light brown on legs top view. Lane is responsible for fueling air craft ased to and visiting Nellis AFB. The shoppers' guide of greater Birmingham Mens and boys clothing,shoes, hats, furnishings. Womens hose and hand,kerchiefs. Hughes Technical Center, N. Air National Guard photo by Tech. On the lower right there is a recipe for Danish Aebleskiver or Dani A grandmother's recipe cookbook with the s bound together by a nylon stocking.

Agnes used to work in a dep[artmen]t store. Checking of gasoline hose of gasoline trailers before being turned over the Air Force LOC Agnes Cliemka, age 23, married and husband may be going into the service any day, Heil and Co. Catalogue no. These womens extra fine silk lisle hose,with full fashioned foot and leg, are madefrom the finest English mercerized yarn witha lustrous finish.

It is equal in appearance tosilk, but far surpasses silk in wearing qual-ities. It has double soles, heels and toes. Hasdeep garter welt, making same strong anddurable. These stockings are specially im-jiorted by us, which is the strongest claim fortheir recognition.

They are a favorite with ourcustomers because they. Women learn how to change the baby's nappy at a mother training of the Reichsmuetterdienst at Essen, Germany s. Womens cotton hosethat Is made expressly for thisfirm by a manufacturer with whomwe do an immense business. Black and tan. Aquality of hose that is moreand more in demand every day. Regular 25c val-ues. Do not forget to state sizewanted when onlering. Sizes8,i to Between r. Filigree work r enhance their ar in form, and.

Do notforget to state size wanted when order-ing.

Women in hose

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